Why Baker Mayfield Not Putting Up Big Numbers Isn’t Concerning

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Baker Mayfield is currently over halfway done with his 3rd season as the Cleveland Browns Quarterback. His career has been a roller coaster so far to say the least, with a 2018 rookie year where he set the touchdown record to a disappointing 2019 season filled with regression, chaos, and glimpses of greatness. Browns fans knew that 2020 would be a massive test for Mayfield and with the team at 7–3 and in 2nd place in the competitive AFC North, one could say he’s passing the test quite nicely. Despite leading the Browns to their best record since 1994 (Yikes), national media and fans still express doubts and have negative things to say about Baker weekly.

Truth be told, Baker isn’t putting up huge numbers this year. And honestly, that is totally fine. He appears comfortable in the offense, decisive, and most importantly, he isn’t turning the ball over nearly as much as he did in 2019. Putting up big numbers isn’t always the key to winning. As a matter of fact, if you look at a lot of the quarterbacks that throw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns every week, they lose quite often. It is important for Baker to take care of the ball and manage the games this season. It is his first year in this system with a rookie head coach and he’s on his 4th head coach in 3 years. Some things take time and just because the stats aren’t high this season doesn’t mean they can’t be in the near future.

People need to realize and accept that the Browns are a run-first team. It shows massive growth that Baker is taking care of the ball and not putting the team in positions to lose with interceptions every week. He still has the makings of a franchise quarterback that can make elite, big time throws. He is 25 years old and easily the best we’ve had at the position in over 20 years. Give him a few years in this system and there’s no reason that he can’t become a top 10 QB in the NFL.

Baker is currently on pace to throw for a little over 3,000 yards and 25 touchdowns. I’d rather him put up those numbers and take the Browns to the playoffs than force the ball by trying to do too much and partially cause a lackluster season. It isn’t concerning that he won’t throw for 40 touchdowns in 2020, especially if he’s winning games. That’s all that matters.

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